Bobbi Coluni

by Jasmine Batchelor

June 5, 2018

Offering Management Lead,
IBM Watson Health

Ms. Coluni is the Head of Offering Management for Payer markets at IBM Watson Health. She is responsible for enabling innovation, defining and overseeing execution of the strategic product roadmap and evaluating new market opportunities. Bobbi has worked in the healthcare sector for over 25 years and has experience working with large employers, health plans, government agencies and providers on using information to improve healthcare quality and reduce costs. She manages a portfolio of analytic solutions that integrate data from disparate administrative, clinical and other sources, enhance with analytic groups and predictive risk models and surface insights for financial managers, program managers, benefit managers and care managers. Most recently, she has been leading several initiatives that leverage IBM Watson Health AI and cognitive capabilities to transform payer analytics and consumer experience. She is passionate about design thinking and driving innovation.