Bridget Cepalia

by Jasmine Phiri

April 24, 2020

Senior Director, Clinical Delivery Innovation,
Magellan Health

Bridget Cepalia is the Senior Director of Clinical Digital Innovation at Magellan Healthcare. In this role, she leads new product development for Magellan’s Virtual Care Solutions platform, which includes a collection of digital programs that help identify and support those with medical and behavioral health conditions. This platform includes Digital Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (DCBT) and other digital solutions, including behavioral health SmartScreening. Cepalia also collaborates closely with clients and prospective clients to serve multiple populations including Medicaid, insured, government, and employer groups in a variety of settings.

Cepalia joined Magellan in 2014 when Cobalt Therapeutics, a virtual therapeutic care platform which addresses 90 percent of behavioral health disorders, was acquired by Magellan. She previously served as project manager at Cobalt, whose suite of software addresses common conditions including substance abuse, insomnia, depression, anxiety, panic, phobia, chronic pain and obsessive compulsive disorder. Prior to her time at Cobalt, Cepalia worked in the pharmaceutical industry.

Cepalia is a tireless volunteer for numerous local community organizations and volunteers in medical clinics with underserved communities in the Dominican Republic. She received her bachelor’s degree from Pace University.

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