Christopher Gracon, MBA, MS

by Stephani

October 29, 2021

Solution Architect,
Independent Health Association

Christopher Gracon is a Solution Architect for Independent Health, a regional payer covering Western New York, based in Buffalo, NY. He joined Independent Health in 2006. He is currently involved with Independent Health’s projects to transform health care, specifically with the New York All Payer Database, and other governmental initiatives including Interoperability and Transparency in Coverage. He is a participant with several HL7 FHIR Accelerators

Christopher is starting his third two year term as the Co-Chair of the Health Care Data Reporting Work Group under the Insurance Subcommittee of X12. This work group maintains the Post Adjudicated Claims Data Reporting (PACDR) 837 transactions, Plan Member Reporting 834, and Data Reporting Acknowledgment 277. Christopher contributed to the creation of each of these implementation guides.

Prior to joining Independent Health, Christopher worked on EDI implementations for 15 years in the transportation industry for IBM, Americas Systems and Maersk Data USA.