Daniel P. Meyer


February 28, 2017

The Duberstein Group

Dan Meyer is President of the Duberstein Group, an independent, strategic planning and advisory company located in Washington, DC. Mr. Meyer has been with the Duberstein Group for eighteen of the last twenty years.

During the last two years of the George W. Bush administration, Mr. Meyer served in the White House as an Assistant and Deputy Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs. In his book, Decision Points, President Bush described Dan as his “cool-headed legislative affairs chief”.

Mr. Meyer is a native of Roseville, Minnesota. In 1981 he moved to Washington to serve on the legislative staff of U.S. Senator Rudy Boschwitz (MN). He became Legislative Director for Senator Boschwitz in 1982 and worked in that capacity until he moved to the House side of the Capitol in December 1986, to become Chief of Staff to Congressman Vin Weber (MN).

Following Rep. Newt Gingrich’s election as House Republican Whip in March of 1989, Mr. Gingrich asked Mr. Meyer to organize and run his Whip office. He served as Chief of Staff in the Republican Whip office and assisted Mr. Gingrich as he led Republicans to winning the House majority in 1994. Following the election, Mr. Gingrich became Speaker and asked Mr. Meyer to be his Chief of Staff in the Speaker’s office where he helped lead the transition to a Republican majority for the first time in forty years. In addition to coordinating the Speaker’s office and the Republican leadership staff, Mr. Meyer was a main point of contact for House Republicans with the Clinton White House during the consequential and tumultuous 104th Congress.

In late 1996, after nearly sixteen years on the Hill, Mr. Meyer left government service to become a partner at the Duberstein Group.

Mr. Meyer also serves as Chairman of the Board of the Congressional Institute, an organization that sponsors conferences for the benefit of Members of Congress and their staffs. The Institute also works with Congressional leaders on institutional operations and policy research.

He has also served on the podium staff at every Republican National Convention since 1996.

Mr. Meyer is married and has three children. He is active in his church and enjoys sports, including playing softball, basketball and golf.