Daniela Luzi Tudor

by Jasmine Batchelor

January 15, 2019

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer,
WEconnect Health Management

Daniela Luzi Tudor is the Founder and CEO of WEconnect Health Management, a technology company that is decreasing costs for addiction recovery across the United States by reducing relapse from OUDs, SUDS, and alcoholism. The WEconnect Recovery app is the first of its kind in the digital healthcare space – using proprietary technology to alert clinicians of a member’s risk for relapse before it happens. Ms. Tudor was inspired to create WEconnect based on her personal journey in long-term recovery from addiction and her realization of the lack of patient aftercare resources.

Ms. Tudor is an entrepreneur with a strong track record in the technology world; media features include Forbes, TechCrunch, and The Seattle Times. Outside of the office she enjoys DJing and screenwriting.

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