Dena Olyaie

by Jasmine Batchelor

October 25, 2017

Director, Product Marketing,
Oscar Health

Dena is experienced in the product marketing space with a demonstrated history of working in the healthcare and tech industries. She’s skilled in crafting go-to-market strategies ranging from new product releases, feature releases and corporate expansions. She excels at crafting simple solutions for complicated problems, and simple campaigns for complicated products.

Prior to joining Oscar Health, Dena spent 6+ years in Washington, DC working on one of the most complicated economic issues of our generation: health care reform. She worked in the US Senate when the law was passed, and joined the Office of the US Secretary of Health and Human Services thereafter to implement the law into practice.

She’s now at Oscar Health, a venture-backed health insurance start-up; creating a tech-enabled health insurance company, from the ground-up. Oscar is based in NYC, and is now offered in 12 regions, within 6 states.

Dena has always been fascinated by how things work, and enjoys working at the intersection of technology, data, design, and public policy. In her spare time, she enjoys reading biographies of famous thought leaders and to scuba dive.