R. Douglas Metz, DC

by Jasmine Batchelor

June 8, 2018

Executive Vice President and Chief Health Services Officer,
American Specialty Health, Inc.

As Chief Health Services Officer and Executive Vice President at American Specialty Health (ASH), Dr. Douglas Metz oversees quality improvement initiatives, clinical quality management, clinical services management, health services operations, and outcomes research, professional and health affairs, health guideline and policy development, and accreditation functions of the organization. Dr. Metz has been instrumental in supporting the development of numerous new products, research activities, and evidence-based quality initiatives at ASH, and has been the lead health professional supporting the development of the company’s clinical managed care and health management and fitness programs. Dr. Metz has served in a senior clinical management role at ASH for more than 22 years.

Prior to working with ASH, Dr. Metz was the first chiropractic physician to be hired to serve as a national Medical Director for supporting chiropractic and other physical medicine management services of Aetna Health Plans.

Dr. Metz is a frequent speaker and author on various topics related to managed care, quality management, and health improvement.

Dr. Metz graduated from the National College of Chiropractic, Lombard, Ill., where he received a bachelor’s degree in human biology and a doctor of chiropractic degree.