Etugo Nwokah

by Jasmine Batchelor

August 28, 2018

Senior Vice President, Product Management,
Zipari, Inc.

Etugo Nwokah is the Senior Vice President of Product Management at Zipari, Inc., where he leads development, strategy, and organization of products that aim to revolutionize the consumer experience in the health-insurance industry.

After attending the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, where he earned an MBA and a certificate in Health Administration and Policy, Etugo re-entered the health insurance industry at a time when the introduction of the Affordable Care Act and ongoing shift of healthcare costs to consumers began to shine a spotlight on consumers’ expectations for the quality and delivery of healthcare services.

Etugo worked at WellMatch, a nascent business launched at Aetna Inc, where he became Chief Product Officer leading initiatives that brought heightened cost and price transparency to individuals, preparing him for today’s market, where consumers want health insurers to deliver the same level of value and service as retailers – and where they expect to come first.

Etugo is committed to building products at Zipari that will capture the valuable information about interactions between health plans and their members, unlock data trapped in silos within modern health plans and deploy it to pioneer transformative health insurance customer experiences that support members’ health, enhance their affinity for their plans, drive down costs and help create a more effective health care system.

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