Washington, D.C.

Nashville, TN


Gale Arden

by Stephani Simmons

August 9, 2017

Vice President, Complex Care
Centene Corporation

Gale P Arden, Vice President, Complex Care, Centene Corporation, has an extensive background in health care policy and operations. She has a unique background combining extensive federal health care regulatory and policy leadership with experience in the private payer environment. In her career with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), she held senior executive positions in both the Medicare and Medicaid programs. From 1993 through 1995, she established the Office of Managed Care for CMS which regulated and provided oversight for managed care in both the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Later in her career, from 2004-2009, she served as Director of Disabled and Elderly Health Programs. In that position she had senior executive responsibility for Medicaid programs serving the long term care needs of the elderly and disabled. She had oversight of home and community based programs as well as grant and demonstration programs assisting States in transforming their long term care Medicaid programs. After leaving CMS, Gale gained experience in the private payer sector at Blue Cross Blue Shield Tennessee (BCBST). At BCBST, Gale was a senior advisor from 2009-2010 helping the company anticipate and prepare for changes due to federal health care reform legislation. From 2010 to 2011, Gale was the Vice President and General Manager for the Medicare managed care operations for BCBST with responsibility for managed care and Part D prescription drug benefit lines of business.  Gale has been with Centene since April 2013.  Her primary responsibility includes advising on quality performance across Medicare and Exchange lines of business as well as assisting on public policy issues.

Gale is a native of Chicago, Illinois.  She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois, Chicago, and an MBA from Johns Hopkins University.