Greer Myers

by Jasmine Phiri

September 10, 2018

Chief Executive Officer,
Turn-Key Health

Greer has more than 20 years of health care experience with strengths in post-acute operations, mergers and acquisitions, pharmacy benefits management, strategy and business development. He has strong vertical experience in payor, provider and healthcare IT verticals. In 2014, Greer joined Enclara Healthcare with dual roles as its President of Turn-Key Health and its Executive Vice President of Corporate Development of Enclara Pharmacia. Prior to his current role with Turn-Key Health / Enclara Pharmacia he was the founder and CEO of the early stage end-of-life population health management company – Care Trajectory, LLC. Immediately prior to that, he served as the Vice President of Corporate Development for a national hospice platform company. During that role, he was responsible for organic and acquisitive growth of the hospice operations, as well as EBITDA improvement activities related to major expense line items. Prior to his position at the national hospice platform company, Greer held various leadership positions including Managing Partner at AXON Strategy, Vice President of Business Development at TeleVox Software, and Vice President of Health Services and Development at Triton Health Systems / Viva Health. Greer is a graduate of the Jepson School of Leadership Studies at The University of Richmond.