Ingrid Lindberg

by Rachad Davis

April 11, 2016

Co-Founder, aubreyAsks and CXO, Chief Customer

The world’s first customer experience officer (CXO) and global expert in changing the way brands treat their customers.

When it comes to the customer experience, no one knows it better than Ingrid. Recognized around the world for her leading-edge customer experience theories, practices and culture transformations, Ingrid is called upon by major global brands to help them change the way they treat their customers.

There is no one with more experience in CX than Ingrid. With more than 20 years of working with Fortune 500 companies in multiple industries (Finance, Healthcare, CPG, Retail, Telco), Ingrid broke ground in this discipline becoming the first-ever CXO, and as such her name is synonymous with the practice of customer experience.

As a global keynote speaker, author and founder of consulting firm Chief Customer, Ingrid has delivered her talks to thousands of executives and practitioners around the world; from Singapore to Spain, Lisbon to London and at hundreds of other worldwide leadership summits and conferences.

She was awarded the prestigious Stevie Maverick of the Year for having the most impact on a company or industry and named one of the Global 40 under 40 in Marketing for her customer experience leadership and impact on the healthcare industry.

Ingrid will energize and rally any audience from sales people to senior and executive leadership teams, She’s a straight shooter, jargon free truth-teller who inspires everyone to do better for the customer. And, a tenacious daredevil who will show that you, too, can make big change from any seat in any sized company.

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