J.P. Twist

by Jasmine Batchelor

September 2, 2020

Political Director,
Republican Governors Association

J.P. Twist has over 15 years of experience as a political operative. A
veteran of Arizona politics, Twist has successfully managed ballot
measures and campaigns at the federal, state, and local level,
including both of Arizona Governor Ducey’s successful gubernatorial
bids. Following the governors first election in 2014, Twist served as
Governor Ducey’s Senior Political Adviser advising him on a range
of issues on a near daily basis. Before joining the Governor, Twist
served as the Chief of Staff to Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane. Today,
Twist serves as the Political Director for the Republican Governors
Association, working to elect and re-elect Republican Governors across the United States. He lives in Phoenix with his wife and two daughters.

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