Jamie Jones, LMSW, CSA, CHPE, ODCP

by Jasmine Phiri

August 5, 2021

Director, Social Care,
Best Buy Health

Jamie L. Jones, LMSW, CSA, CHPE, ODCP and Director of Social Care at Best Buy Health leads the organization’s Social Care and Telemonitoring operations. Jones brings more than 20 years of remote patient monitoring experience to her position and served as Vice President of Care Center Operations in her previous role at Critical Signal Technologies, which was acquired by Best Buy Health in 2019. Jones co-developed best-in-class training and development programs for remote patient monitoring as well as social work programs at her previous organization and her work was recognized by the 2016 Best and Brightest in Wellness Elite Category Award and the Silver Stevie Customer Service Executive Award in 2016, among others. Jones received her M.S.W from the University of Albany and her B.S.W from SUNY Buffalo State and is a member of the Geriatric Social Workers of Southeast Michigan.