Jane Perkins

by Jasmine Phiri

July 29, 2021

Legal Director,
National Health Law Program (NHeLP)

Jane Perkins is the National Health Law Program’s Legal Director. As such, she leads the organization’s efforts to ensure that federal and state laws and policies work to improve access to health care for low-income and underserved people. Jane also manages the Program’s litigation docket. Jane is admitted to the state bars of California, Maryland (inactive), and North Carolina; the federal circuit courts of appeals; and the U.S. Supreme Court. She has served as lead or co-counsel in more than 40 high profile cases, including: Gresham (AR)/Philbrick (NH) v. Becerra, which vacated work requirements and other restrictions on Medicaid coverage and are pending before the Supreme Court; O.B. v. Norwood, which ordered the Illinois Medicaid agency to arrange for in-home nursing services needed by children with medically complex conditions; Davis v. Shah (N.Y.) and Lankford v. Sherman (MO), where she and the litigation teams obtained appellate court decisions requiring coverage of medical equipment pursuant to the Medicaid and Americans with Disabilities Acts; St. Louis Effort for AIDS v. Huff, which culminated in an appellate decision enjoining Missouri laws that conflicted with Affordable Care Act consumer assister laws; and Thompson v. Raiford, which resulted in national guidelines for coverage of lead blood tests for Medicaid-enrolled children. In addition, Ms. Perkins has provided technical and consulting support to health advocates in all 50 states and the Territories, including on-site training in 36 states and the District of Columbia. She has written numerous issue briefs and law review articles on Medicaid, child health, civil and disability rights, and federal court access. Jane has taught health law and policy at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill School of Law and served as a Clinical Associate professor in health policy at the UNC School of Social Work. Jane earned her M.P.H. from the University of California, Berkeley; her J.D. from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; and her B.A. from Davidson College.