Jennifer Spear, MBA

by Jasmine Phiri

April 7, 2021

Associate Director, Population Health, Office of Population Health, Humana Inc.

Jennifer Spear is an Associate Director of Business and Provider Integration with Humana’s population health team. Jennifer is in charge of executing interventions and programs that address the integration of addressing health related social needs throughout Humana’s core business and for Humana members. Previously, she was responsible for leading initiatives to address food insecurity in Humana’s member population and the communities they serve. In that role, she worked closely with community partners, the clinical community and other partners to address the health related social needs, particularly food insecurity, of people, where they are receiving care. Spear previously led employee awareness strategies dedicated to raising awareness around the importance of social determinants of health and Healthy Days. Prior to her role working with food insecurity, Spear implemented member call programs that focused on Healthy Days assessments, which is how Humana is tracking progress toward its Bold Goal – that the communities it serves will be 20 percent healthier by 2020 and beyond.