Joel Spoonheim

by Jasmine Batchelor

April 10, 2019

Director, Health Promotion,

Joel Spoonheim is the Director of Health Promotion for HealthPartners. As part of an integrated health plan and care delivery system, the department creates and deploys web, telephonic and on-site solutions that improve individuals and organizations well-being. Customers range from small to Fortune 500 employers, individual consumers, Medicare and Medicaid populations, and patients. He is responsible for product innovations and operations.

Previously, Mr. Spoonheim worked for Healthways as the founding staff member and executive director for the Blue Zones Project. This city by city program coordinates initiatives to change people’s daily environments to make healthy choices easy. Passionate about community and organization transformation, he has worked for healthcare companies, city governments, and non-profits directing major initiatives that require engaging diverse stakeholders and complex problem solving.

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