Joel White


July 6, 2018

President and Chief Executive Officer
Council for Affordable Health Coverage

Joel White is the President of Horizon Government Affairs. HGA is a full-service government affairs consultancy specializing in actionable strategic and tactical advice for navigating the Congressional and regulatory processes. HGA assists clients in their quest to improve health and lower health related costs, mostly by turning policy into law.

Joel is also the President of the Council for Affordable Health Coverage (CAHC), and two CAHC-managed campaigns, Prescriptions for a Healthy America ( and Clear Choices Campaign ( In addition, Joel is the Executive Director of Health IT Now (, a multi-stakeholder coalition that advocates for adoption and use of health IT to improve health care.

Joel is on the Boards of Directors of CAHC, the Newborn Foundation (a patient advocacy group), Samaritan Inns (a homeless and addiction treatment center), Arlington Bridge Builders (a service organization helping low income families), and the Citizen and Soldier Foundation (a veterans assistance organization). He is also on the National Advisory Board of the Cancer Support Community. Joel holds a BS in Economics from the American University and is the co-author of the book, Facts and Figures on Government Finance.

Joel spent twelve years on Capitol Hill as professional staff for the Ways and Means Committee and two Members of Congress. He helped enact nine laws, including the 2002 Trade Act, which created health care tax credits, the 2003 law that established the Medicare prescription drug benefit and Health Savings Accounts, the 2005 Deficit Reduction Act, and the 2006 Tax Reform and Health Care Act, which reformed Medicare payment policies.