Joy Siegel, EdD

by Delonte Brooks

November 2, 2021

Manager, Member Outreach & Retention,

After consulting in the nonprofit sector for many years Joy Siegel, EdD, shifted into the healthcare space with the understanding that healthy communities lead to healthy people.

Joy Siegel, EdD, entered the healthcare space after 20 years consulting in the non-profit world with over 200 organizations. That experience showed that most communities have resources designed to keep residents healthy and engaged, but there were gaps in collaboration with healthcare providers. Today, she creates and manages Medicare Advantage retention programs designed to engage, promote connection, and improve physical and mental well-being. These programs include an extensive array of virtual programs in collaboration with leading community-based organizations, innovative digital programs with entities including Sword Health and Papa Pals, that have proven life changing outcomes. Joy is on faculty with Nova Southeastern University’s KPCOM teaching Public Health and is a leading expert on the impact of social determinants of health on loneliness and social isolation, community-based organizations, and aging.