Karin VanZant


April 11, 2016

Vice President, National Social Determinants of Health Strategy,

Karin VanZant is the Vice President of National Social Determinants of Health Strategy at
CareSource. Since 2015, Mrs. VanZant oversees the work of Social Determinants of Health at
CareSource and the full integration into the Population Health Model. Specifically, Mrs.
VanZant has built the Life Services strategy, CareSource’s brand of SDOH partnerships,
programs and pilots. The first and largest program of Life Services is JobConnect™ – a
workforce development program that assists CareSource members to enter into full-time,
permanent employment. In 2015, JobConnect™ started in Ohio and expanded to Indiana and
Georgia Medicaid Markets as of 2017. Karin leads a team that is currently working on hunger
and housing strategies as a part of Life Services. Prior to joining CareSource, Karin was the cofounder and Executive Director of Think Tank, Inc. For ten years as this organization’s leader,
Karin assisted the team to live out the mission of equipping and facilitating collaboration among
people and organizations seeking ways to promote greater connectedness and a more thriving

Karin VanZant has a MPA in Public Administration (2008) and a BA in Social Work (1998) from
Wright State University. Karin is certified in various curriculums that address comprehensive
poverty issues in the United States. She has helped author presentations and curriculum for use
within nonprofit, business and faith-based organizations seeking to become relevant and
holistic in their approach to poverty alleviation. Mrs. VanZant is an Adjunct Professor at Antioch
Midwest University and Wright State University on a variety of subjects including US Hunger
and Poverty, Justice and Equity, Introduction to Human Services, Grant Writing, Leading
Change, Coaching as Management, Holistic Case Management and Emotional Intelligence. She
lives in Springfield, Ohio with her husband and two boxer dogs.