Karyn Wills, MD

by Jasmine Batchelor

April 9, 2018

Chief Medical Officer,
Trusted Health Plan

Dr. Karyn Wills is the Chief Medical Officer of Trusted Health Plan (THP) a Medicaid MCO and brings over 26 years of clinical and managed care experience. She is responsible for all components of the medical management operations at THP. Dr. Wills help develops clinical programs for populations to improve their health outcomes and improve the member experience. She has developed, implemented, support, and promoted population health strategies and tactics, policies and programs that drive the delivery of high-value healthcare. These strategies, policies, and programs comprise of care management, utilization management, quality improvement and network management. She is well versed in data analytics to evaluate population health outcomes and medical cost drivers.

Before joining THP, she was a medical director at Aetna and has commercial and Medicare experience. She supported many initiatives and provided clinical expertise and business direction in support of medical management programs through active collaboration and participation in clinical team activities.

Dr. Wills is board certified in emergency medicine and is a certified health insurance executive through American Health Insurance Plans. She is currently pursuing a graduate certificate program in Population Health at Thomas Jefferson University.