Keith Fontenot

by Stephani Simmons

February 7, 2019

Executive Vice President, Policy & Strategy


Keith J. Fontenot is the Executive Vice President for Policy and Strategy at America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), the national trade association representing the health insurance industry. He leads AHIP’s policy development, regulatory, and research agenda for Federal programs (including Medicare Advantage, Part D, Medicaid and the Exchanges), as well as the individual, small group and employer sponsored markets, including supplemental coverages.

Mr. Fontenot brings to AHIP over three decades of expertise in policy development, regulatory and legislative work in health and income security programs, and the Federal budget. Prior to coming to AHIP he was Managing Director of Public Policy and Government Relations at Hooper, Lundy and Bookman, PC, and he also held positions as a Visiting Scholar in Health and in Fiscal policy at the Brookings Institution, and was a principal at Fontenot Consulting LLC.

He left government in 2013 after serving as the Associate Director for Health at OMB from 2009-2013, where he was responsible for managing policy and the budget for the nearly $1 trillion HHS budget for health-related programs, and was integrally involved in the development, negotiation and implementation of the Affordable Care Act. From 2007-2009 he was the Deputy Assistant Director for Health and Income Security at the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), where he guided CBO’s efforts to prepare for possible health reform legislation, oversaw estimates of the costs of legislation, and led the development of innovative policy options for congressional consideration in health reform. Prior to that Mr. Fontenot held a number of senior positions in government, including: Chief of the Health Financing Branch at OMB, Deputy Associate Commissioner for Policy and Research at the Social Security Administration, and Chief of the Income Maintenance Branch at OMB.  Mr. Fontenot holds a M.A. in public policy from Duke University, and a B.A. from the Old Dominion University.