Ken Leonczyk

by Jasmine Phiri

May 4, 2021

Executive Partner,
Advisory Board

Ken Leonczyk, Jr. is an Executive Partner and Client Success Partner at the Advisory Board, where he advises health care organizations on strategy, commercial effectiveness, and performance management. He also serves as an Advisory Board expert on health care policy, health plan strategy, and leadership development. Ken is passionate about making health care better for everyone.

Ken is responsible for helping health care industry companies, health plans, and health systems form a true partnership with Advisory Board, ensuring that the value of Advisory Board research and best practices are brought to life through an embedded team of dedicated advisors and custom researchers. Ken also works with health care organizations on improving sales effectiveness and optimizing acquisition and joint-venture strategy.

Ken has 20+ years of experience as a thought leader both within and outside of health care.
Ken holds a JD from Yale Law School, a Master of Arts in Religion from Yale Divinity School, and a Graduate Certificate in Anglican (Episcopal) Studies from Berkeley Divinity School at Yale. He received his BA in English Literature from The University of the South: Sewanee.