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Larry Levitt

by Rachad Davis

November 28, 2016

Senior Vice President, Health Reform, 
Kaiser Family Foundation

Larry Levitt is Senior Vice President for Special Initiatives at the Kaiser Family Foundation and Senior Advisor to the President of the Foundation. Among other duties, he is Co-Executive Director of the Kaiser Initiative on Health Reform and Private Insurance.

He previously served as Editor-in-Chief of kaisernetwork.org, the Foundation’s online health policy news and information service, and directed the Foundation’s communications and online activities and its Changing Health Care Marketplace Project.

Before joining the Foundation, Mr. Levitt was a senior manager with The Lewin Group, where he advised public and private sector clients on health policy and financing issues.  He previously served as a Senior Health Policy Advisor to the White House and Department of Health and Human Services, working on the development of President Clinton’s Health Security Act and other health policy initiatives.  He co-chaired the working group on cost containment in conjunction with the President’s task force on health reform.

Prior to that, he served as the Special Assistant for Health Policy with California Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi, where he co-authored Commissioner Garamendi’s “California Health Care in the 21st Century” proposal.  Before joining Insurance Commissioner Garamendi, Mr. Levitt was a medical economist with Kaiser Permanente, where he worked on insurance reform and other public policy issues.

He previously managed new program development for the Massachusetts Department of Medical Security, the agency charged with implementing the universal health care plan in Massachusetts.  He was responsible for the design of new health programs under the plan, and for management of the fund used to reimburse hospitals for uncompensated care.  He also served as a senior analyst with the Governor’s budget office in Massachusetts, where he helped develop that state’s universal health care legislation.