Marcos Dachary

by Jasmine Phiri

April 7, 2021

Principal and Senior Vice President, Sales and Growth,

Marcos has over 20 years of professional software development experience. He helped launch the MedInsight standalone products sector in 2009. He led the expansion of the MedInsight clinical team who were crucial in launching the MedInsight groupers – Guideline Analytics, CCHGs, and the Health Waste Calculator. The Health Waste Calculator is a national leading product for identifying low value healthcare. He’s proud to have been an author on the 2017 Health Affairs article “Low-Cost, High-Volume Health Services Contribute the Most to Unnecessary Health Spending” that has been cross referenced over 800 times. The Waste Calculator also won the 2019 Leaders in Health Care Achievement in Digital Health Gold Award by Seattle Business Magazine. Marcos is very honored to currently serving on the VCHI Leadership Council.

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