Mark Schweyer, BSN, MBA

by Jasmine Phiri

November 9, 2020

Director, Telehealth Services,
California Health & Wellness/Health Net of California

Mark has over 27 years of health care experience including over 20 years working in telehealth systems. He offers a unique and well-rounded perspective after managing telehealth operations in a number of settings including primary care, inpatient, skilled nursing, remote patient monitoring and emergency room settings. His programmatic leadership experience has included a large number of specialty disciplines and care delivery models. Additionally, he has lead telehealth programs from originating sites, distant-site specialty care groups and currently from within the health care insurance industry. Mark has a particular passion for developing and leveraging innovative technologies and programs that promote access and capacity to quality health care in remote and frontier communities. He currently provides oversight as the Director of Telehealth Programs at California Health and Wellness/Health Net of California, developing telehealth programs across the State. Mark has earned a Bachelor’s in Science in Nursing and an Master’s of Business Administration – both from Grand Canyon University.