Matt Caminiti

by Jasmine Phiri

July 12, 2019

Senior Solutions Engineer,

Mr. Caminiti, Senior Solution Engineer, is responsible for planning, operations, design, modeling, and coordination of the Inovalon solutions for Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial risk adjustment products. Mr. Caminiti’s experience bringing risk adjustment and quality improvement solutions to health plans is invaluable and his mastery of the risk adjustment and quality improvement models across all lines of business is essential to effective program execution for health plans and health systems. Mr. Caminiti has focused on public policy and its impact on businesses for more than one decade, including appearances as a subject matter expert at industry-leading healthcare conferences. In addition, Mr. Caminiti previously discussed policy issues on Bloomberg Television,, Federal News Radio, and in front of the Maryland State Legislature. He has a Master of Business Administration in Finance and International Business from Loyola University, Maryland, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Boston College.