Matt Wallaert

by Jasmine Batchelor

April 19, 2018

Chief Behavioral Officer,
Clover Health

Matt Wallaert is a behavioral scientist working at the intersection of technology and human behavior, designing products and programs that help people live happier, healthier lives and teaching others to do the same.  An advocate for behavior change as the outcome of everything, he has a checkered past: academia, building and selling two successful startups, Microsoft’s first behavioral scientist, director at Microsoft Ventures.  He is currently the industry’s first Chief Behavioral Officer at Clover Health, a Medicare Advantage insurance company focused on health outcomes. Wallaert sits on the board of a variety of startups and non-profits, prioritizes underrepresented founders and audiences, and continues to build side products like, which has helped underpaid women ask for and earn over $2.3B in salary increases.  And more important than all of that, he’s a proud dad to a son named Bear.