Michael W. Cropp, MD, MBA

by Rachad Davis

December 21, 2016

President and CEO,
Independent Health

Michael W. Cropp, MD, MBA, is president and CEO of Independent Health, a health insurance company in Buffalo, N.Y. Under his leadership, Independent Health serves almost 400,000 customers and has been consistently recognized nationally for excellence in quality, service and innovation. With more than 25 years of experience as a physician leader and health care executive, Dr. Cropp understands the diverse components of effective health care delivery and the critical role that population health plays in both local and national economies. With the goal of creating a culture of health, he has helped to establish many partnerships with providers and community initiatives to improve access, quality and affordability of health care. Dr. Cropp’s focus on building leadership capacity for sustainable accountable quality care has extended to his leadership roles on the boards of national health care organizations, including America’s Health Insurance Plans and the Alliance of Community Health Plans. Dr. Cropp received his bachelor’s and medical degrees from Brown University and earned an MBA from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

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