Michelle Morse Jernigan

by Jasmine Batchelor

August 31, 2018

Director, ECF CHOICES and SelectCommunity,
BlueCare Tennessee

Michelle Morse Jernigan has 30+ years’ experience serving and supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Originally from Louisiana, her path has spanned non-profit, state government and the private sector. While enjoying six years with Tennessee’s State Medicaid Agency, TennCare, Michelle played an instrumental role in the design, development and implementation of Tennessee’s Employment and Community First CHOICES Program which supports people with IDD to achieve their personal goals for true integration. Michelle transitioned to BlueCross BlueShield Tennessee’s managed care organization, BlueCare to be more involved in the hands-on implementation of the ECF CHOICES Program. She is the Director of two programs designed to support people with IDD and is co-facilitating the organization’s efforts to ensure people with IDD receive the medical, behavioral and social supports needed to realize the life they envision for themselves.

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