Moira Kenney

by Jasmine Phiri

April 12, 2021

California Network Director,
Unite Us

Moira Kenney is the California Network Director at Unite Us, a technology company that partners with organizations to build and power coordinated care networks of health and social service providers. Prior to joining Unite Us in 2020, Dr. Kenney served in a variety of early childhood systems leadership roles to support early childhood systems building, most recently as the Executive Director of the First 5 Association, the membership association for the statewide First 5 movement funded by the Proposition 10 tobacco tax. During her tenure as the Executive Director of the First 5 Association, she led the Association, and the First 5 movement, to a new level of recognition in Sacramento and around the state, as leaders in building a statewide early childhood system of care that meets the needs of our state’s highest need children and families. Previously she served as the Executive Director at First 5 San Francisco, where she led the integration of the county’s First 5 into a broad array of policy and programmatic expansions, including the implementation of the county’s Preschool For All program. In addition to her work at First 5, Moira has a deep background in community development, with a PhD in Urban Planning from UCLA and a BA from Harvard College.