Nathanael J. Watters

by Jasmine Batchelor

February 25, 2019

Vice President, Sales,
Centene Corporation

  • Role at Centene, responsible for sales and retention efforts for Ambetter, Centene’s national health insurance marketplace product.
  • Early experience in the health insurance space began in the pre-ACA days of individual health insurance at Celtic Insurance.
  • Celtic was a privately held company that maintained licenses in 49 states .
  • Celtic gave experience negotiating both state regulatory and market dynamics in the context of a national product.
  • Centene acquired Celtic in 2008, as ACA approached transitioned in to focusing launching product in that market.
  • Launched Ambetter for first open enrollment period and have continued to grow with each year.
  • Today my team and I manage the strategy and day to day execution of sales efforts across Ambetter’s footprint including: broker, web broker, and direct to consumers sales channels.
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