Washington, D.C.

Nashville, TN


Neelima Akula

by Rachad Davis

April 21, 2017

Product Manager,
GE Healthcare

Neelima is a Product Manager leading the development of next generation Payer-Provider Connectivity Solutions.

Neelima was previously at Highmark, where she played different roles including leading teams for strategic planning and delivery of several high impact digital and risk adjustment initiatives.

Neelima is a physician and began her career in USA by working at Highmark as a consultant developing business vision for several strategic web based initiatives, and was viewed and recognized as a visionary and trusted advisor by executive leadership. Neelima was applauded for strategic thinking, innovation and tactical execution. Later Neelima joined Highmark as a full-time employee and took up the responsibility to develop and strategize risk adjustment programs, especially prospective programs.

Neelima earned her Master’s Degree in Health Administration from Missouri State University.