Nisha Patterson

by Jasmine Batchelor

June 4, 2019

National Vice President, Value and Healthcare Optimization, Optum
Behavioral Health

Optum Behavioral Health (OBH) is a $2B company and the world’s largest behavioral health managed care and wellness company. As Vice President of Value and Healthcare Optimization with OBH, Nisha leads a team focused on identifying opportunities to improve healthcare outcomes, support care delivery transformation and advance provider and community partnerships. The team is actively pursuing opportunities to advance beyond traditional levers of behavioral care management and focused on integrated care projects to holistically engage the member resulting in a rationale and pathway to reward high-quality, individualized, and efficient care.

Nisha has been with OBH for 17 years, led National Network Operations for 7 years and has participated in several leadership programs, including Optum’s Executive Development Program. Nisha holds a Master’s in Political Social Work from University of Houston with a focus on community development, healthcare programs and non-profit management prior to her career with Optum.

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