Preston W. Cody

by Rachad Davis

September 6, 2016

Division Director, Division of Medicaid Program Operations and Integrity,
Washington State Health Care Authority

Preston Cody is the Division Director for the Washington State Health Care Authority, Medicaid Program Operations and Integrity.  In 1995, Preston joined state service after serving in the U.S. Army.  He began with the state’s Basic Health program and served as the program’s Deputy Assistant Director among several other assignments before he was promoted to head the program in 2008.  As the Division Director, he oversees the managing of professional services and benefits, providing over one million Washington clients’ access, quality health care through Medicaid and state-only health care programs. Services include health care coverage (via fee-for-service and managed care), Health Equity and Interpreter Services and Claims, Managed Care Programs and Patient Review and Coordination, Medicaid Compliance Review and Analytics, Program Integrity, Grants and Program Development, and Community Services.

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