Washington, D.C.

Nashville, TN


Rahul Dubey

by Jasmine Batchelor

June 14, 2018

Former Senior Vice President,
AHIP Innovation Lab

Rahul has extensive practical knowledge in creating new, multi-stakeholder, collaborative innovative models and solutions as well as integrating next gen digital health solutions that optimize the utilization of appropriate care measures.  His role expands to include the creation of innovative care pathways, normalizing and sharing of data assets for proper segmentation, developing actionable and personalized programs and tools that ensure measurable behavior change imperative for desired health outcomes.  He continues to help develop, test, measure and iterate innovative initiatives that increase efficiencies for all key Healthcare stakeholders as they collectively focus on outcomes-centric care.

Rahul was recently named one of the Smart Health’s 2018 Excellence In Healthcare Transformation award, the American Journal of Health Promotion’s 2017 Innovators and Game Changers and is recognized as Accenture PerspectivesMinds Driving the Future of Business. In 2017, Frost & Sullivan presented Rahul and AHIP’s former lab with one of their highest honors, their Global Visionary Innovation Leadership Award.

He is a graduate of the University of Michigan-Ross School of Business and lives in Washington DC with his wife and son.