Rebecca Gall, RN

by Rachad Davis

March 22, 2017

Utilization Management,
Children’s Community Health Plan

Rebecca Gall has been an RN for 34 years. She has previously worked in Labor and Delivery for 22 years, Long Term Care for two years, Emergency Department for two years, and Hospital House Supervisor for two years. She transitioned into the payer side of healthcare in 2008 working at a HMO with dual-eligible members in a SNP program. In 2011, she joined Children’s Community Health Plan (CCHP), a Medicaid HMO in Wisconsin, as a UM/CM nurse and later became manager of the UM/CM team in 2013. In preparation for her retirement, Rebecca stepped back from the manager role in August 2016 to assume the duties of preparing MCG Cite AutoAuth for launch with CCHP’s new market solution, Together with CCHP. In addition, she is training her staff to assume her current role’s responsibilities before she crosses the finish line of her nursing career.