Robin Caruso

by Jasmine Batchelor

November 13, 2018

Chief Togetherness Officer
CareMore Health

Robin has been a social worker for over 29 years. She has a BA in Sociology and received her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Southern California.

Robin specializes in the field of behavioral health and medical social work for seniors, and end of life issues. She started the Social Work program at CareMore Health 11 years ago, were she began addressing the social determinants of healthcare.

Robin is currently serving as CareMore Health’s first Chief Togetherness Officer to combat loneliness in the senior population. As the Chief Togetherness Officer, Robin leads the program to ensure that loneliness is addressed as a treatable condition. As a result of Robin’s work to integrate the Togetherness program into CareMore’s clinical model, the program is now being launched to Anthem Medicare members.

Since the inception of the Togetherness program in 2017, Robin has spoken at the national HIMSS conference, Health 2.0, and Stanford Medicine X on addressing loneliness and social isolation in the healthcare setting. She is a member of the Los Angeles Social Isolation and Loneliness Coalition and is published in the AJMC. In 2018 Robin received the Athena Healthcare Innovation Award for her work through the Togetherness program to address senior loneliness.

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