Ruthan Tattersall, PharmD

by Jasmine Phiri

August 4, 2021

Director, Population Health,
Health First

Ruthan Tattersall is the Director of Population Health for Health First Health Plans. During her time with Health First, she led the vision and creation of the Integrated Care Program; a complex care model aimed at improving the quality and cost of care for high-cost, high need members of the health plan. She has over 15 years-experience in interdisciplinary clinical programs aimed at improving cost and quality of care with successful outcomes. She is a residency-trained, board-certified, clinical pharmacist by background. She has practiced in various healthcare settings and has served as a clinician, educator, manager, and program director. Her interests include interdisciplinary care models, population health, chronic disease management, transitions of care, social determinants of health, EMR informatics, and data interpretation.