Sam Glassenberg

by Jasmine Batchelor

April 13, 2018

Chief Executive Officer,
Level Ex

Sam sets the vision for Level Ex and its products. He has spent his entire career leading teams and companies at the cutting-edge of the video game industry. Sam’s mission is to unleash the latest visual effects and engagement methodologies from the video game industry into the field of medicine. Before Level Ex, Sam was CEO of the leading independent game publisher in Hollywood, acquired by Playtech (PTEC) in 2016. Under his leadership, the company created award-winning mobile games for tens of millions of players based on popular films, including The Hunger Games and Mission: Impossible. Earlier in his career, Sam led the DirectX team at Microsoft and was responsible for pushing the visual limits of video games across the industry. His team’s graphics work at Microsoft resulted in a prestigious Technical Emmy for their contribution to the state-of-the-art in interactive entertainment. Sam established his roots at LucasArts working on leading games for Star Wars films.

Over the last decade, Sam has leveraged his game development expertise to pioneer the creation of award-winning medical simulations. These training tools have attracted hundreds of thousands of users and garnered support from top academic hospitals.

Sam’s name is featured on several technology patents, popular video game titles, and he has been the recipient of numerous industry awards. He currently sits on major video game and technology advisory boards, including Intel and Microsoft. Sam holds an M.S. in Computer Science, Graphics from Stanford University, and a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois.