Sarah Ahmad, MBA, MA

by Jasmine Batchelor

May 18, 2018

Cleo Interactive

Sarah Ahmad is the founder of Cleo Interactive and is thrilled to partner with innovators around the world to solve big healthcare problems through the creation of novel health solutions supported by a real-world, actionable strategy and designed to offer a differentiated experience. Prior to Cleo Interactive, Ms. Ahmad served as the senior vice president of innovation and transformation strategy for Pittsburgh-based Highmark Health, an integrated care delivery and financing system. Ms. Ahmad stood up a first-of- its-kind internal human-centered design practice and developed innovative health solutions and value-based, high-quality health experiences for the people served by Highmark Health. In addition, she evolved the Highmark Health’s “VITAL” Innovation Program to a revenue-generating business that provides health solution companies with robust patient experience, care outcomes and cost impact evidence that accelerates adoption in the health care marketplace.

A passionate health care executive and explorer, Ms. Ahmad has focused her career on transforming health care so that it’s easier for people to access the best care and achieve their best health. Prior to joining Highmark Health, Ms. Ahmad worked at Humana Health Care. During her 20-year tenure there, she held key leadership roles in product development, clinical operations, network development and innovation. As vice president of innovation at Humana, she created an innovation platform focused on slowing and stopping chronic disease progression through the integration of health solutions into the customer’s health care journey. In addition, she infused progressive human-centered design methodology into the enterprise to ensure solutions were developed together with customers so as to increase engagement and improve health outcomes.

Ms. Ahmad is a member of the Healthcare Innovator’s Professional Society’s (HIPS) Council of 33 and recently participated in America’s Health Insurance Partners (AHIP) executive mentorship program. She and her family are active patrons of the arts and is on the board of directors for the Tull Family Theater in Sewickley, PA. Ms. Ahmad earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Tulane University, a Master of Arts in Health Services Management from Webster University and an MBA with a focus on entrepreneurship from the University of Louisville. She and her husband are the proud parents of two children and the caregivers for two dogs. An avid marathon runner, Ms. Ahmad has crossed the finish lines in New York City, Napa Valley, New Orleans and Chicago.

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