Sarah Dye

by Jasmine Phiri

April 7, 2021

Senior Vice President, Medical Benefit Management,

As Senior Vice President of Oncology and Specialty Management with Optum, Sarah has responsibility for specialized solution sets that help payers and employers comprehensively manage complex conditions such as cancer. Sarah is passionate about creating services that help consumers navigate the complicated health care system, ensure quality care and ultimately reduce total cost of care.

Sarah joined UnitedHealth Group in 2003 and held several other roles including leading Operations and Affordability with Optum International, where she focused entirely on the Brazilian health care market. Prior to Optum International, Sarah was Principal at UnitedHealth Group Ventures where she analyzed the market to identify new investment opportunities designed to create disruptive, positive change in the health care system.

Across her roles, Sarah uses her engineering training to perform root cause analysis to identify systemic issues in the health care and ultimately design new products to address these issues. She has successfully developed and launched new products in oncology, women’s health and orthopedics.

Sarah holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Iowa State University.