Steve Cashman

by Jasmine Phiri

May 27, 2020

Chief Commercial Officer,
InTouch Health

Steve Cashman is the Chief Commercial Officer at InTouch Health, where he is responsible for product, marketing and sales. He grew up in a small town in Kansas and studied Electrical Engineering and Business Administration at Kansas State University. In 1998, Steve co-founded an IT services integration company, SecuriCom Inc. He was Chief Strategy Officer for Exceptional Innovation, where he led the adoption of the company’s cutting-edge software platform into the healthcare, hospitality and energy management marketplaces. He was recently CEO and Founder of a telemedicine company HealthSpot. His vision for HealthSpot was to create value for patients, providers, health systems and their communities by reducing costs, increasing efficiencies and enabling improvements in healthcare access and quality. He is actively engaged in the business start-up community and is on the board of Stowe Mission.

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