Stuart Levine, MD, MHA

by Jasmine Batchelor

October 9, 2018

Chief Medical and Innovation Officer,
Agilon Health

Stuart Levine, MD, MHA, serves as the Chief Medical and Innovation Officer for Agilon Health. In addition to his work at Agilon Health, Stuart serves as the Chief Physician Advisor to Google Brain/Health Research as well as an Assistant Clinical Professor Internal Medicine/Psychiatry at UCLA and Stanford University School of Medicine. He previously served in a variety of executive roles at HealthCare Partners, SCAN Health Plan, Heritage Provider Network and Blue Shield California. In these roles, he was responsible for various clinical, strategic and operational initiatives. Stuart graduated from the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago as a James Scholar, holds a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration from George Washington University and fellowships from CHCF, UCSF and Stanford.