Tim McBride

by Jasmine Phiri

May 4, 2021

Director, Healthcare Product Development and Innovation,
Mastercard; and Accredited Healthcare Fraud Investigator (AHFI)

Tim McBride, AHFI leads Mastercard’s Healthcare Fraud Waste and Abuse Vertical within the Cyber and Intelligence team. Tim is an accredited Health Care Fraud Investigator and is responsible for managing the creation and development of FWA solutions for healthcare using artificial intelligence. Prior to joining Mastercard he served as an Investigator and Product Manager for Verscend Technologies (formerly Verisk Health) within the Fraud solutions team where he was responsible for algorithm and product development efforts. While at Verscend he worked very closely with several large and medium to small payers gaining a good understanding of market needs and processes, translating those needs into requirements for the consumption of developers and data science teams and overseeing the delivery and training of new products. Tim has over 23 years of experience in the healthcare payment and technology industries.