Vivek Garipalli

by Stephani Simmons

March 8, 2016

Co-Founder & CEO
Clover Health

Vivek Garipalli is a serial health care entrepreneur focused on innovating to increase quality health care access and improve patient outcomes. In 2008, Vivek founded CarePoint Health, a fully integrated health care system in New Jersey. Through his role at CarePoint – whose mission is to serve uninsured and underinsured patient populations – Vivek experienced the misalignment of providers and insurance companies firsthand. In 2013, he founded Clover Health to help solve that problem by using technology to close gaps in care and collaborate with providers on improving health outcomes for members.

Vivek is active in health tech, serving as a board member of Flatiron Health and Doctor Evidence. He earned an undergraduate degree in business administration at Emory University with a concentration in entrepreneurship.