Wellesley Chapman, MD

by Jasmine Batchelor

October 2, 2018

Medical Director, Innovation and Business Development, Kaiser Permanente of Washington

Wellesley Chapman is Medical Director of Innovation & Business Development at Kaiser Permanente of Washington (KPWA). He joined KPWA (then Group Health) in 2008, serving as a Primary Care physician, Medical Center Chief, and Lean consultant prior to founding the Innovation team in 2013 with business partner, Elizabeth Fleming, MBA. Wellesley has a BA in Economics from the University of Vermont and an MD from the University of Washington. Prior to his work in health care, Wellesley was a theater actor in Chicago, a financial analyst in New York and Paris, and a Kerouac-wannabe-expat-bartender-lay-about.

KPWA Innovation is an intrapreneurial team using human-centered design and Lean Startup methodologies to build new delivery models within the KPWA care delivery system, scaling with technology whenever possible. Projects have included primary care redesign, retail care, telehealth, bundled care, care of vulnerable patients and dementia models. Innovation team goals are always to improve patient experience, lead time, cost, and outcomes through disciplined design.

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