Zahoor Elahi, MS

by Jasmine Batchelor

May 7, 2019

Senior Vice President,

Zahoor Elahi serves as Senior Vice President of Technology focused on bringing to market next generation disruptive technologies to transform Health Care. Zahoor currently leads the initiatives across the enterprise focused on personalized matching of members to optimal providers and facilities as well as creating personalized interception and treatments for our members. In this role he is responsible for ensuring an emphasis on execution and rapid launch of capabilities to stay ahead in the changing healthcare ecosystem.

Zahoor has more than 25 years (including 7 years at Optum) of leadership experience in management, product development and business growth. Prior to joining Optum Technology he worked as a Product Leader within Optum Insight, developing the company’s health care IT and business process solutions. Previous to that he led the Payments and Accounts Product teams within Optum Financial Services. Prior to joining Optum, Zahoor worked at Fidelity Information Services, where he grew two business units by developing and implementing payment solutions and information technology focused on health care providers, payers, third- party administrators as well as banks.

He lives in the Dallas TX area with his wife and three daughters. The Elahis are active in helping women find access to educational opportunities and are dedicated to helping refugees and the homeless in the Dallas, Texas area.