Tips For Building A Successful Speaking Session

These guidelines have been developed to assist you in planning the best possible educational session:

  • We strongly encourage you to select a health insurance plan client or another independent industry thought-leader to present in your session.  Attendees generally perceive a session without these types of people as a ‘sales pitch’ and these types of sessions have not been well-received.
  • Do not replicate educational sessions previously presented at AHIP educational events.


  • We recommend that for a 45-minute session you have two speakers and a moderator (determined by you).  Moderators serve to ensure that the session starts and ends on time, introduces the speaker(s) and facilitates the Q&A portion of your session.  This can be someone from your company or a client that you wish to give more visibility.


  • Speakers should bring their presentation with them to the conference on a USB memory stick.  Please email your presentation to by Monday, December 3 and AHIP will load your presentation on the room laptop before your session begins.
  • PDF copies of your presentations can be provided via our website after the conclusion of the conference. Please email the presentation to if you would like to do this.


  • Please have your session information ready and approved by the listed deadlines – having the information on time allows for better exposure. Also, delays in providing session titles can result in omission from signage or other onsite materials.
  • Sponsors have a non-exclusive license to use AHIP’s 2018 Consumer and Digital Health Forum logo/branding in connection with promotion of your session. To request the logo, contact us at