Washington, D.C.

Nashville, TN



February 18, 2016

LexisNexis® solutions for health care leverage data and analytics to enable better decision making. They offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that address population health management, payment protection, identity management and provider and member data management.

Leveraging our proprietary scoring, linking, and computing capabilities we transform data into insight that:

  • Improve quality and promote compliance
  • Reduce costs
  • Uncover fraud, waste and abuse
  • Validate member and provider information
  • Identify relationships among patients, providers and facilities
  • Streamline master data management efforts

Contact Information

 LexisNexis Health Care

Lizzy Feliciano, Director
Email: leonides.feliciano@lexisnexis.com

Phone: 800.869.0751

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Technology Helps Covered California Improve Provider Directory Integrity and Member Satisfaction Email Append is Saving Health Care Companies Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars
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Discover the Potential of Big Data for Health Care by Looking Outside the Lines Protect Against Fraud and Abuse with a Multi-layered Approach to Claims Management
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Comparing Approaches: Alternative Risk Stratification vs. Predictive Modeling