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RxAdvance – An AHIP Select Sponsor

February 18, 2016

About RxAdvance Services

RxAdvance is a national full-service pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) leveraging Collaborative PBM Cloud™ to manage standard and specialty drug benefits with system-driven regulatory compliance and 100% transparency. RxAdvance delivers integrated PBM services that reduce overall pharmacy costs and avoidable drug-impacted medical costs while improving patient’s quality of life. In addition, RxAdvance offers a global pharmacy risk partnership model standing shoulder-to-shoulder with plan sponsors.

Administrative Services

  1. Benefit Plan Design Modeling Services
  2. Formulary Management and Modeling Services
  3. Claims Processing Services
  4. Enterprise Services
  5. Pharmacy Network Contracting Services
  6. Analytical and Reporting Services
  7. Rebate Modeling and Management Services
  8. Prior Authorization Services
  9. Member Mobile Cloud Services

Clinical/Pharmacy/Value Added Services 

  1. Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Services
  2. Pharmacy-Integrated Total Care Services
  3. Coverage Gap Prediction and Prescription Planning Services
  4. Specialty Management Services – Convert “buy & bill” to
    “value-based& outcome-driven” model
  5. Adverse Drug Event Management Services

Value Added Services

  1. Care Stakeholder Services
  2. Compliance Management Services
  3. Global Pharmacy Risk Management

Contact Information

LinkedIn: RxAdvance Corp
Website: https://www.rxadvance.com

Anand Tati
Phone: 617.699.2885